Welcome to the Tails: Ten Neville Facts

Welcome to Nevilles’ Tails, a blog where we will share our adventures.

Neville loves to share photos of his everyday adventures of instagram, we now hope to share our adventures with a few more words, tails if you will, of our adventures.

To kick it off lets start with some fun facts about Neville:

  1. Neville was originally called Butelle when I rescued him! He had no idea this was his name, he didn’t really respond to anything.
  2. Neville was named after Neville Longbottom and his hamster brother is called Dobby after Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. You may notice a theme there… I love Harry Potter… just a little bit!
  3. He has a few nicknames… Neville Butt, Neville Pants, Mr Longbottom, Fluff Butt.
  4. Neville is a pure ‘Heinz 57’, a complete mixture of all breeds, large and small. I am looking forward to doing a post on his DNA breed!
  5. Nevilles’ biography on the rescue centre webpage described him as a quite boy that doesn’t bark… oh how wrong they were. He found his bark, he barks and ‘talks’ when he wants attention, to play or gets excited!
  6. At some point in his life, Nevilles tail must have been hacked off as he now has a little stump and is not keen on people touching his tail. This limits his ability to communicate through his tail but he still wags it like mad when he sees me or wants to play!
  7. We love going to dog training, he has now completed the Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award. I hope to start agility with his soon as he loves to jump over things on our walks.
  8. His favorite things to do are sleep, walk and eat! He is also a professional toy defluffer!
  9. Neville is not a fan of getting his paws wet, if he can’t get around the puddle he will try and jump over it!
  10. We love to run parkrun, a free weekly 5km event in lots of locations around the UK and the world every Saturday, whenever I can (when I am not working!).
 Beth & Neville xx

Beth & Neville xx

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