Welcome Luna

Huge news! Neville has a little sister! Everyone meet Luna!

Two weeks old!

It has always been the plan to get Neville a little sister but the time was never right. It seems everyone around me was getting puppies and I was getting more and more puppy broody as time went on, until I couldn’t bear it anymore.

I knew I wanted a spaniel, so research into local breeders started. Ideally we were going to wait until we had brought our own house. But then a breeder I had been talking to sent me some pictures of her available girls, I saw little Luna’s picture and I knew she was the one!

Four weeks old

I showed Lewis the available girls, he rolled his eyes but then mentioned that ‘that ones cute’. ‘That one’ was Luna! It was decided, I messaged her back and organised to visit her as soon as we could.

After asking all the questions our names and the deposit was soon down for Luna.

Seven weeks old

I must say after visiting her at two weeks old, it was a long six week wait until we could finally bring her home. We managed to visit her at 4 and 7 weeks old. I felt this meant she would have some recognition of us so it wasn’t such a huge scary change for her when we brought her home. We also saw her little character coming out, she defiantly fitted her nickname the breeder had given her! Luna the Lunatic!

Luna’s Mum Biz was seen on every visit and saw how she interacted with her pups. She was a lovely size and temperament. A confident and friendly dog, just what we wanted in Luna.

Biz – Lunas Mum

Biz is a working shoot dog while Lunas Dad is in training to be a sniffer dog for the police! So I expect Luna to be a very clever girl.

We look forward to bringing you more content with twice the amount of dogs!

Beth & Neville xx

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