Travelling With Your Dog

Neville and Luna love riding in the car, they know that when we get in we are going on an adventure. And being able to travel with your dog means you can go on so many more adventures! Here are our essentials for a safe and comfortable journey with your pooch.

Dog Guard – It is really important to keep your dogs safe and secure in your car, and you can be fined if they are not. We use the Halfords Tubular Dog Guard. A dog guard can prevent your pooch from jumping over into the main part of the car and distracting you, potentially causing an accident.

Boot Buddy VersaLiner – Boot Buddy’s VersaLiner is a tough and hard wearing boot liner. The VersaLiner is specifically made to fit each individual car boot and are self supporting, meaning it won’t slip down like fabric liners. With Nevilles constant shedding, his hairs get everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The VersaLiner can just be swept out and wiped clean, including those muddy pawprints. Keeping the rest of the car clean and fur-free! Boot Buddy also do a range of accessories to fit with your VersaLiner, check out Boot Buddy here!

Car Bed – All pooches deserve a comfy bed for those long journeys. We are loving our 3 Peaks Scafell mattress, it fits perfectly in the VersaLiner. It is a tough but lightweight bed. Neville seems to attract mud so it is important we can wipe the bed clean after muddy adventures.

Travel Water Bowl – Adventuring is thirsty work. So when your human pours you a drink, you need a travel bowl. We’ve been using the
3 peaks collapsible water bowl. This great bit of kit is easy to pop in and out, collapsing down for easy storage. It comes with a handy carabiner clip so you can attach it easily to your humans bag.

Microfibre towel – An adventure is never without water and mud, so a towel in the car is always handy. Although we have old human towels at home ready for after a bath, I love using our microfibre dog towel for on the go or in the car. The microfibre towels absorb so much more water than a normal towel and don’t get sopping wet. They dry super quick too so they are ready for the next adventure. Microfibre towels are normally so much lighter in weight than a normal towel so are much easier to carry around.

Dog first aid kit – This is such an important bit of adventuring kit that you should never be without, although I hope that you don’t have to use it too often! We have the dog first aid kit from zooplus and then have added a few more bits to it. Mine sits in my car and then comes with us in our backpack when we are out for the day.

What is your one bit of travel kit you wouldn’t be without?

Beth & Neville xx

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