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When I first rescued Neville, he was strongly attached to me, following me everywhere. This made me worried about him developing separation anxiety, I was always so worried about leaving him and how he coped with it. Even though Neville has got a lot better over time, I still worry about how he copes when I leave him alone at home. The nature of my job also means I sometimes have to work overtime meaning I am apart from Neville even longer than normal. I’m also very curious and wish I could see into his world when I’m not there…

This is where the Furbo dog camera steps in! Over the last few weeks we’ve been testing out this fabulous dog camera and I am no longer worrying about what Neville is up to! You can always be together, even when you are apart!

The Furbo was so quick and super easy to set up, just plug in, download the app and follow the instructions to set it up. The Furbo has a light on it which turns to blue when you open the app, blue is a colour that dogs recognise so they start to learn when you are watching them.The app as a whole is easy to navigate and change settings.

The camera is brilliant, with 160 degrees wide angle camera you can see the whole room! And in HD! The camera also does night vision, so you can see what’s happening even in the pitch black. This is great when I have to work nights on call away from home, and now as the nights are drawing in and it’s dark before I leave work, I can check on Neville. Although Neville sleeps in our room, if your dog sleeps in a separate room you could use the camera to check them. The app allows you to take photos and record videos so you can capture things your dog does while your not there!

Not only can you hear what’s going on at home, with two way audio you can talk to them as well. Neville was really confused where my voice was coming from to begin with, each dog will be different in how they react and how long it takes to get used to where your voice is coming from. It’s like being able to have a conversation with your dog!

Another thing which makes the Furbo awesome is that while you talk to your dog, you can give your dog treats. Just slide the treat up on the app to toss some treats into the room for your dog. The Furbo plays a little tune before dispensing the treats. It’s best to do this a few times while you are with your dog, so they can associate good things with the noise the Furbo makes. Neville was a little nervous the first few times the Furbo tossed the treats into the room but now his ears perk up when he hears the Furbo to watch where the treats land! You can even change the tune that is played before treats are tossed to your own recording of your voice. 100 treats fit into the Furbo which will last a long time! Furbo recommend round treats which are about 1cm big and Furbo were kind enough to gift us their recommended treats, which Neville loves!

Neville is normally a quiet dog, although he does bark when there is someone at the door. But when I’m not there how do I know if he’s barking without being constantly glued to the app. The Furbo has the answer again with their bark alerts, sending you an instant alert when your dog is barking. This has put my mind at rest knowing that Neville doesn’t bark continuously and annoy the neighbours!

We are loving the Furbo and highly recommend the Furbo! The Furbo normally retails at £249 but is currently on offer on Furbos own website for £199 here: It may be a bit in the higher range but we definitely think it is worth the investment. After all you can’t put a price on knowing that everything is ok with your fur-baby!

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Beth & Neville xx

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