PoochPlay Activity Tracker: First Impressions

As a Veterinary Nurse, unfortunately I see a lot of overweight dogs that don’t get the exercise they need. Although not the case for Neville, I still worry about the amount of exercise he gets as I want to ensure he is in the best shape. I have an activity tracker for myself, so what better way to ensure Neville also meets his daily exercise goal than a pet activity tracker! That’s where the PoochPlay Activity Tracker comes in!

The tracker currently comes in two different colours, black and pink. I opted for the black version for Neville, as I don’t think he would have been too impressed with the pink version!

It is designed to be attached to your pets collar, it comes with two different options to attach to the collar. One clips over the collar or onto the metal hoop where you attach their id tag, the other has a loop which is secured with a popper. I found the second one more secure as Neville managed to get the first off in his sleep on the first night!

It’s lightweight, weighing only 6 grams! And as you can see above, it doesn’t get in the way and it doesn’t bother Neville at all. It’s waterproof for all those dogs that love to swim. We’ve tested it in the crazy snow the UK has had recently and it’s definitely snowproof too!

Setup was easy, download the PoochPlay app from the app store and follow the app to set up the tracker for your pet. The tracker connects to your phone by bluetooth and connects and updates automatically when in range. The only issue I found was if you wanted to add another tracker, you would have to make sure the first tracker installed was out of range as it would be difficult to tell which one is which for each pet.

When you set up your pet on the app, you can input a lot of information, including their weight, birthday, temperament and any lifestyle. You can even do a ‘Body Condition Score’ which is what Vets use to check if your dog is over- or underweight as this can often be more accurate than weight alone.


The personal assistant part of the app allows you to make a schedule for all things within your pets life, from walks, urinating/defecating to flea/worm treatment and vaccinations. I’ve made use of the flea/worm treatment and the vaccination part of the personal assistant, which works quite well. I found the daily schedule part of this a little pointless for me as I work different shifts everyday, so Neville doesn’t go out for a walk at the same time every day.

When the tracker is connected, it updates the app with your dogs activity. The app sets a daily target, it seems to start off with a smaller target of 30 minutes and the target increases if the target is met the day before. Neville is now up to 120 minute exercise target. The app gives a lovely graph as well to show you their exercise throughout the day, week or month.

So far I’m loving the app and the activity tracker, it helps keep my mind at rest knowing Neville is getting all the exercise he needs to keep fit and healthy. I really love that I can track when he needs his flea and worming treatment, reminding me when it’s due, ensuring he is always covered.

You can buy the PoochPlay Activity Tracker here.

Beth & Neville xx

*I brought the PoochPlay Activity Tracker myself and all opinions are my own

Beth & Neville xx

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