Nevilles Human Sidekick: Ten Facts About Me

Neville may be a very talented dog but he still needs his trusty sidekick to help him manage his social media. That’s where I step in to help! So you want to learn a little more about me? Here is 10 facts about me!

  1. I’m a Registered Veterinary Nurse, also known as a RVN. This means I get to work with animals everyday. I get to assist in surgery, monitor anaesthetics, care for inpatients and consult! It’s never a dull day and it’s something different everyday.
  2. I used to play the flute and guitar. Although, I don’t play regularly anymore, I still pick them up every now and again.
  3. I was lucky enough to travel to tour Denmark and China with my school jazz band which I played the flute in.
  4. I’ve been running for a couple of years now. I have run 2 half marathons now and I am currently training for half marathon.
  5. A cup of tea is the best! But I hate coffee.
  6. My favourite dinner is roast dinners with homemade roast potatoes and homemade yorkshire puddings.
  7. My favourite colours are red and purple.
  8. I used to horse ride and play badminton when I was in school.
  9. I’m a black belt in karate.
  10. And finally, in case you haven’t guessed… I’m obsessed with my pets – Neville and Dobby!

Beth & NevilleLove,
Beth & Neville xx

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