International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, what better day to try some new treats! Although Neville would say everyday is a good day to try some new treats!

I love baking but sometimes it’s nice to take the hassle out of measuring out ingredients and get down to the mixing! We tried out the Three Dog Bakery Biscuit Mix brought from Pets At Home. It came with one bag of the mixture and a bone shaped cookie cutter.

The instructions were fairly easy to follow. However, the amount of water required must have been printed wrong. The recipe called for 1ml, but I used nearly 250ml to get the mixture in a suitable state to knead.

I managed to get 34 bone shaped treats out of the mixture! Plus some extra round ones! I used a knife to cut letters and shapes into the round ones, which turned out quite well. Although next time I want to try making some dog friendly icing.

I really enjoyed baking these and loved how easy it was. Really pleased with how many I made and I’m sure Neville is too!

Does your dog have a favourite treat?

Beth & Neville xx

*I brought this biscuit mix myself and all opinions are my own

Beth & Neville xx

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