Five Things To Enhance Your Dog Walks This Spring

The first day of Spring in the UK was 20th March this year, so we are definitely in Spring despite all the snow we’ve had recently! The days are getting longer, meaning I’m able to take Neville out for longer more adventurous walks after work into the local fields.

Since moving, we are still exploring new routes to walk but we do have several routes which we do regularly. Walking the same routes can get boring for both you and your pooch, so how can we mix up these walks to make them more interesting and fun for both of you? Here are five things we do on walks to keep us entertained on our Spring walks.

1. Games

I love playing ‘hide and seek’ with Neville. This is so much fun is more wooded areas, I get Neville to ‘sit and wait’ while I hide then I call him to ‘come’. This practices his recall and gets him to engage his senses to find me.

Does your dog have a favourite toy? You could hide this and get them to ‘find it’, stimulating there sense of smell. Start off easy and get harder.

2. Better with two

Why not meet up with other fur-friends for a walk? If you don’t have any friends with dogs why not see if there are any local dog walking groups which allows you to meet up with other like minded people and explore new routes. Allowing both you and your dog to socialise with others.

3. Practice your training

Have you been teaching a new trick or going to training classes? What better way to mentally stimulate your dog on a walk than practice what you have been learning! I always take a few treats with me out on a walk. Recently we’ve been practicing our emergency stop.

4. Switch up your pace

Being able to walk at different paces is great if your wanting to take your dog to a variety of places. A slower pace is better in a busy shopping area. Changing the pace randomly during your walk will keep your dog on their toes and keep them stimulated throughout the walk.

5. Change up your route

Why not take a left instead of a right? Why not explore that park you’ve always wanted to go to? A dog friendly pub or cafe you’ve always wanted to visit, why not walk there take a pit stop, then walk back? If you’re always walking the same route, the same smells, the same sounds, it must get boring for both of you.


Love Beth & Neville x

What’s your favourite things to do on your walks?

Beth & Neville xx

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