Exploring The Countryside With Your Dog

Summer is in full swing now and it’s a great time to get out and explore the countryside with your dog. While you’re out exploring it is important to remember these tips for keeping safe and having a good time.

Stick to the footpaths

Although there are miles of open fields, you shouldn’t trespass over farmers fields. This is their lively hood so stick to the marked footpaths. The countryside is home to wild animals, so straying from the footpath can scare these animals and damage their habitat.

Keep your dog under control

Having your dog off lead allows them that extra bit of freedom for exercise, if they are off lead, make sure they are insight at all times and you should be able to call your dog back to you. They should also not stray off the marked footpaths. Around livestock your dog should always be on a lead, in England farmers have the right to shoot a dog that is chasing or attacking livestock. When meeting other dogs, don’t let your dog bound up to other dogs to say ‘hello’. Take note if they are on or off lead, if in doubt always put your dog back on the lead. Approach with care, your dog may be friendly but you don’t know how the other dog will react to you.

Leave gates as you find them

Farmers will often shut gates to keep animals in, but they may leave gates open to allow animals to get to food and water. So it’s important to leave gates how you find them.

Take nothing, leave nothing

The countryside is home to lots of wildlife so you should leave the countryside how you found it. Do not litter and always pick your dogs poo up, dog poo can have bacteria or organisms in it which can be harmful to wildlife and livestock. It is important to take your waste with you so you can dispose of it responsibly.

Beth & Neville xx

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