Dog-Ventures: Chelmarsh Reservoir, Shropshire

This walk has been on our agenda for a while and at the weekend we decided to do it. We set off on a cloudy morning, looking like it was going to rain. After 40 minutes the sun came out for the rest of the walk, it started to get quite warm and we had to take lots of rest stops for Neville to cool down and re-hydrate.


Distance: 4 miles

Time: Around 2 hours (quicker if you don’t need to stop)

Parking: At the Parish Hall for free (marked on the map)

Other information: There are two stiles which you may need to carry your dog over, but there is an alternative route following the road if needed. The Bulls Head Inn (marked on the map) serves yummy food and allows dogs inside.

After parking up we headed to the pub for some lunch to fuel us for our journey. I chose the burger and it was soooo yummy! It was definitely a homemade burger. Neville settled lovely under the table and had a sneak chip or two… oops!

Once we couldn’t eat no more we headed off. Before you turn off out of Chelmarsh you reach the Church. It is set beautifully and you can go in to explore.

Heading out of the village, you head down towards the reservoir. There are stunning views of the reservior and of the Shropshire valleys. On a clear day at the highest point on the walk you can see The Wrekin hill in the distance.

We came across this little stream, which was about half way around. It was great for Neville to have a little paddle and a cool down.

Luckily (or unluckily) there was only two stiles on this route. Neville is quite happy to be picked up and carried over them, but I would really like to try to teach Neville how to jump over them. This would be especially good when he’s muddy and picking him up would not be very nice for me!

I have a feeling this is going to become one of our longer weekend walkies when we want a change of scenery.

Beth & Neville xx

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