Crufts 2018

This year I experienced Crufts for the first time. What can I say?! It was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait for next year. I went on the Friday and it was really busy and overwhelming, so much so that I didn’t do very well on the photo front!

The range of different stalls was amazing, whatever you wanted, you could have probably found it. There were a few things I knew I wanted to get for Neville. I got these and plenty more!

We caught the end of the Heelwork to Music, which was really amazing to see how well the dogs followed subtle cues from their owners. We also watched the rescue dog agility in the show ring, which just makes me want to do agility with Neville even more!

As Neville likes to eat his dinner quick I already have a few different ways to slow his eating down, the Green slow feeder bowl, rubber Kong, maze bowl and a Nina Ottosson interactive feeder. However, he is getting rather quick at these now so I wanted to get some new things to try and slow his eating down.

Nina Ottosson had a stall at Crufts and they had all their products out for you to have a good look and play with. Their products are put into levels, with level 1 being the easiest and level 3 being the hardest. I decided to go for two level 2 products, to test Neville but not be too hard that he can’t do it.

I went for the dog brick and the dog pyramid. Neville loves the brick, the little white bones can be removed to reveal treats under, the red bricks can then be slid over to reveal more treats and then they flip open to reveal even more treats!

Neville found the dog pyramid harder, it has a weighted bottom which means when your dog noses or paws at the toy it will dispense treats/kibble from a hole at the top of the toy. Even I was struggling to get the treats out when I was introducing it to Nev! As Nev struggled to get the food from it, unfortunately he’s not very interested by it.

The other treat dispenser I got was from KONG, their new interactive toy, the Gyro.

The Gyro has a rubber ring around a plastic ball which moves around when your dog paws and noses the toy about. As the plastic ball moves around it dispenses the treat from a hole. Neville absolutely loves this! I’ve been putting a portion of his dinner in it, slowing down his eating and getting him to move about to earn his dinner.

I’ve wanted an Equafleece dog jumper for a long time for Neville, I knew I just had to get one when I found out they were going to be at Crufts. Neville has quite dense fur so drying him is rather difficult, especially as he is scared of the hair dryer. So I’ve used the jumper so far to help dry Neville after a bath the other day when the towels couldn’t dry anymore. I can’t wait to start using it outside in this cold weather that we’re getting at the moment!

I also grabbed some Pet Head shampoo as Neville is running low on his current shampoo. Their stand had the different ones out for you to smell, they all smelt so good I couldn’t choose which ones to get!

Treats galore! I think I managed to stock up on enough treats to keep Neville going until Crufts next year! I also managed to get a few goody bags. Harringtons did a great one with a bag of dry food and couple of tray of meat. Royal Canin did a good one too which had some electronic scales, treats, a blanket and a bowl. As Neville already has scales to weigh his food, I am going to use it to weigh our new Degus, Ginny and Hermione, and Dobby the Hamster.

Did you go Crufts? What was your favourite buy this year?

Beth & Neville xxLove,
Beth & Neville xx

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