Changing Nevilles Diet: Virbac HPM

For the last few months Neville has started to slowly put on weight. I’ve not changed his exercise routine, but I had changed his food over to James Wellbeloved Adult. So I decided it was time for a change of diet to something more suitable for him personally and would help him lose some of this excess weight!

Recently my vets have increased the range of food we stock to include Virbac HPM so I got a chance to speak to Virbac about their diet. In a nut shell it is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, designed to be closer to what dogs would normally eat ‘naturally’. Looking at other diets the first ingredient listed is a carbohydrate, meaning there is more carbohydrate in their food than protein and high levels of carbohydrates in the diet can make your pet feel bloated!

All the Virbac HPM diets work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy bodyweight, maintaining urinary health (the higher protein content means your pet will naturally drink more to aid this), maintaining joint and muscle health, maintaining good digestive health, maintaining skin and hair health, support the immune system and helps to limit plaque and tartar build up to maintain good oral health! Read more about the benefits here. How could I say no to all of those health benefits?!

I offered a few bits of the kibble as a treat and he LOVED it! To be fair Neville is not fussy with food but his digestive tract is… if you get what I mean! Virbac HPM have a 94% acceptance rate in dogs and if you try their food gradually introducing it over a week and they still don’t eat it, Virbac will take it back and refund you!

Due to Nevilles rather sensitive tummy I am probably going to gradually change his diet over a longer period than suggested (over a minimum of 7 days) and will only progress to the next stage when his stools are normal.

First I worked out what his daily ration would be according to his weight, I followed the feeding chart for dogs slightly overweight, 224g a day or 112g fed twice a day. On his current diet he gets 100g fed twice a day.

Step One (Days 1-2): 1 quarter of the new diet, 3 quarters of the old diet. For Neville this would be 28g of Virbac and 75g of James Wellbeloved twice a day.

Step Two (Days 3-4): Half of the new diet, half of the old diet. For Neville this would be 56g of Virbac and 50g of James Wellbeloved twice a day.

Step Three (Days 5-6): 3 quarters of the new diet, 1 quarter of the old diet. For Neville this would be 84g of Virbac and 25g of James Wellbeloved twice a day.

Step Four (Day 7): 100% of the new diet!

I have weighed Neville at 21.4kg, his day 1 weight! My plan is to weigh him again at the end of the introduction period of the diet so when he is on 100% of the new diet, then weighing him regularly to ensure he is losing weight healthily. I can also update you here on his weight and any other changes that I see with changing over to his new diet!

We have chosen the Virbac HPM Adult Neutered Dog Large & Medium, you can find the full range for cats and dogs here.

Stats 24/05/18

Weight: 21.4kg
(Day 1 of diet introduction)

*We have brought the Virbac HPM diet ourselves and all opinions are our own.

Beth & Neville xx

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