Welcome to Nevilles’ and my little corner of the internet! I look forward to where this adventure will go, especially with Neville next to me!


I work within the veterinary sector and am based in Shropshire. I have grown up with cats and hamsters. I’ve always had a love for dogs and as soon as I was able to own one I was on a mission to find the perfect dog for me. I knew I wanted a rescue dog for my first dog and Neville popped up. In the small amount of free time I have left, I love to run and I am currently training for a half marathon with my running buddy, Neville.


Originally called Butelle, he was found as a stray on the streets in Romania and then in a kill shelter. Someone saw him on the internet and wanted him, arranging to have him brought over to the UK from Romania. However, when he saw him in the fur they said he was too small, I can only assume they saw the German Shepherd in him and wanted him as a guard dog. An elderly couple were interested and took him on, only to return him to the rescue centre four weeks later. This is when I saw him and fell in love, bringing him home on 28th October 2016, he was thought to be around 2 years old at this time.

Neville now loves the finer things in life, a lover of food, naps and walks. His specialty is defluffing toys and ripping up paper, especially the wrapping paper on his presents!

Other Pets

Dobby is a Syrian hamster. He is coming up to being 2 years old and is starting to slow down in his old age. He favourite food is Whimzees chews.

Ginny and Hermione are rescued degus. They are thought to be 3 years old. We rescued them on 10th March 2018, they were kept in a tiny cage with no wheel or enrichment. They are starting to get used to our hands, taking treats from us and are now living in a mansion with plenty of things to do and chew.